Imposter Teddy

I had an unfortunate incident at the groomer a few weeks ago. I was bringing Teddy in for a life changing hair cut (ok, life changing for me). We were cutting off all of his precious fluff ball hair to give him some relief in this ridiculous heat wave. While I was a little nervous, and wondering if Teddy could pull off his new “do”, I still felt good when I dropped him off for the day. We love our groomer and they have always taken good care of our pumpkin. So, when I went to pick him up later in the afternoon, I was fully expecting to be a bit shocked when I saw Teddy’s makeover. Right away, I noticed something seemed off with “Teddy”. I noticed this pink patch on his nose, and he was making this yappy noise I had never heard before. Nevertheless, I figured he was probably just excited and a little unlike himself. Then, when we got home, I noticed his tail was really long. But I thought- maybe I just never noticed his tail with all of that hair! When we got inside the house,
“Teddy” was sniffing around and acting really weird. I finally thought, “Ok, true test. Let me throw Teddy’s squeaky toy and make sure nothing is off”. When I threw the toy, fake Teddy just stared at me. I immediately knew this was the wrong dog!! The real Teddy cannot resist a game of fetch. Ever.

Looong story short, there were two Teddy’s at the groomer that day. Both were a white, male, maltese blend. The imposter Teddy was a malti-poo, and our Teddy is a morkie. I brought imposter T back to the vet, and there was the REAL Teddy, still waiting for mommy. Like I said earlier, traumatic. And kind of funny 🙂

p.s. here is a recent picture of Teddy in his new tshirt I bought him. Jay was actually angry that I spent money on this… but I don’t care! Too cute.

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