Welcome to the Dog House

In almost ten months of marriage, Jay has actually never had a legit “dog house” moment. Sure, he has done things that have ticked me off. But never anything that was truly worthy of being in the dog house. Until two weeks ago…

It was a typical Wednesday. I got done working around 5, went to Equinox, and got home around 6:30. I tried to call Jay to tell him I was home, and his phone was going straight to voicemail. I didnt think anything of it- and assumed he would be home soon. Around 7:30, I still had not heard from Jay. I sent him an email, assuming he was still at work, and that I would hear back from him shortly. By 8:30 (and still no word from Jay), I started getting a little nervous. If Jay was at work, he would have sent me an email. If he had gone out to dinner or for a happy hour, he would have found a way to call me. Where could he be? I called Jay’s family to see if maybe they had heard from him earlier in the day and knew where he was. No such luck. By 9:30, I was in full freak out mode. I called all of Jay’s friends (and I mean ALL of them). No one had heard anything. I tracked down Jay’s coworker (and went through embarrassing lengths to get his number), and after playing detective for about an hour, we realized Jay’s last known whereabout was around 5:30. By 10:30, I was driving around downtown looking for Jay’s car. I seriously thought he was abducted or on the side of the road somewhere. By this time, all of Jay’s family knew– and were equally freaked. Lincoln (our good friend who is a police officer), was calling hospitals and jails. Close to 11pm, I finally got a hold of another coworker of Jay’s who informed me he was just with Jay and just left a bar. He said Jay was on his way home and should be there shortly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

When I got home, Jay’s car was in the parking lot. I walked in our front door, and much to my horror- Jay started laughing! It was a nervous laughter- the kind you get when you KNOW it’s about to go down. I immediately sunk to the floor, weeping, because I thought my husband was seriously hurt. I was so mad/glad he was ok… it was a very confusing mix of emotions! His excuse- his phone died, and he doesn’t have my phone number memorized. Lame.

After excessive apologizing, and a beautiful flower arrangement, Jay was finally out of the dog house. I also wrote down my number and put it in his wallet for all future occasions. I contemplated tattooing it to his forehead… but realized that may be a bit excessive. I realize that everyone makes mistakes. But this is not like the time Jay burned my pumpkin bread. This was a whole new level. After a few weeks of reflection, here are my “lessons learned”:

1) We have AMAZING friends and family. We are truly blessed.

2) We were not at all prepared for an emergency situation. I didn’t know Jay’s license plate number, his social, or even where his new office is located. This was a wake-up call that was important!

3) I really love Jay. Obviously, I knew this already. But I don’t think you really realize how much you love someone until the threat of something happening to that person presents itself. Just the thought of something happening to him literally brought me to my knees. He is my other half— and while we definitely bicker and can get on each other’s nerves… he is crucial to my existance 🙂


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