The Nanny Diaries

I have recently started my new summer gig as a nanny. While I am still looking for a teaching job, I wanted to make sure I was contributing financially, and nannying was the perfect solution. The hours are great, the money is fantastic, and no day is ever the same! It is really weird adjusting to such a free schedule of swimming, movies and reading during the summer. Especially after almost three years of cubicle life- it’s weird not talking to many “grown ups” during the day… We will be at a movie at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, and somehow the theater will be packed. I still look around and think “Who are all of these people?? And why aren’t they at work??” I guess I am one of those people now (except I am working!) Here is what my typical day looks like this week:

8:30am- pick up kids, drop off at VBS

9:15am- arrive at Equinox for work out (I have told myself I no longer have any excuses not to hit the gym every day- and let me tell you, going in the morning is amazing!)

10:30am- come home, play with Teddy

Noon- pick up kids from church, head home to make lunch

Afternoon- read books, go to the pool, hit the mall or a movie, and hang out!

4:30- head home for the day

I could get use to this schedule 🙂 Aside from my nannying duties, this summer is off to a fabulous start (minus this insane heat wave of course). Mom, Dad and Brett came up to the Big D over Memorial Day, and we had a blast. It was so fun showing them around some of our favorite Dallas hot spots- White Rock Lake, Half Price Books, Yumilicious, Twisted Root and Grimaldis. Even though with five adults it was a little cramped in the town house- we still had a blast. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

I just realized that Teddy is the star of each picture— obsessed much?? Yes, yes we are.

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