Fashion 101: by Jay Gerber

I have tackled the subject of Jay and his ideas about fashion a few times this year. Why?? Because it is a never ending source of entertainment for me. There is always a story to share! Before I divulge further inkto this conversation, I want to make something very clear. Jay’s fashion sense (or lack there of), is something I totally embrace. I always knew I would marry a man like my dad, and “style” is one of many shared traits between Paul Davis and Jay Gerber. Ok, so this all started last weekend when we were on our way over to Keller for a very long awaited “triple date” with the Gerbers, Coddous and Langfords. While getting dressed, Jay decided to wear white linen shorts, a black collored shirt, a navy ball cap and grey tennis shoes. It was a hot mess and looked that way! Here is the conversation that proceeded:

Kim: Babe, maybe you should lose the hat and change your shoes. Tennis shoes don’t go with what you are wearing.

Jay: What do you mean they don’t “go”?

Kim: It looks weird.

Jay: Well I think I am starting a new trend and you can’t recognize that.

Sheesh. Wear what you want- so not worth it!

Then, tonight we were sitting at dinner during our weekly date night. I was telling him about this dream I had last night- I had a baby but couldn’t remember his name- and all of a sudden Jay asked,  “Do you own any maternity clothes?” WHAT?! First of all, I was offended. Does he think I look pregnant? Have I gained weight? Then he explains that he has noticed the latest “fad” is for girls to wear maternity clothes even when they are not pregnant, and he wanted to know if I had any.

Translation: flowy/babydoll tops and dresses are in style and might resemble maternity gear to the untrained eye (aka a man). My husband thought that girls were just buying maternity clothes. And wanted to know if I had any.

To cap off this evening full of Jay’s insights, we were walking around Northpark and I noticed Nordstrom was having their big sale. I asked if Jay wanted to look around and he told me he can only walk around a department store once a month, and since we were in Dillards last week (for 2 seconds) he was unavailable. Well- there you go!

Oh Jay. Thank you for such blog-worthy entertainment. Kisses!!

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One Response to Fashion 101: by Jay Gerber

  1. Nick says:

    I prefer the rule – I won’t go into a department store unless there is a seat I can sit in and I can play on my phone while she shops!

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