Three girls, pub crawl 2011, and a rooster

For Mother’s Day 2011, the Davis ladies headed down to the beautiful Texas hill country. We have been talking about taking a girls trip for the past two years. I will take the blame for the delay- weddings have a way of trumping all other plans! We started in Fredericksburg Friday afternoon and ate lunch at the most delightful little restaurant! It was on an herb farm and had delicious food, beautiful views, and amazing company. I bought peppermint soap that has changed my life.

After lunch we headed towards Main street to scope out the shopping scene. Unless you are looking for antiques or bedazzeled clothing, Main street is more of a tourist spot. We did, however, have the most amazing butter pecan ice cream cone. That was the highlight of the afternoon! After walking all afternoon, we decided it was time to head to the brewery. Kelly had the brilliant idea of making our own “pub crawl 2011”. What sounded like a good idea ended with Mom and Kelly recreating “the snake” in the middle of the street. I give you exhibit “A”.

Needless to say we had a great time on Friday night! We visited a tasting room, a quaint wine bar, and the brewery. Saturday morning we woke up and hit Main street again while on the hunt for coffee. On our way down the street, out of nowhere we heard a rooster crow! Turns out, a rooster lived behing a fence on Main street. Random!! After we got our coffee, we were ready to head to our first winery! We stopped at three places total, and bought some really tasty bottles of wine. Our only regret was starting a  little too early in the morning… 11am is a tad early in the day to start drinking!

After the wineries, we headed north to beautiful Horseshoe Bay. We layed by the lake, ordered lunch, and pretty much relaxed until Sunday morning. We stopped through Austin on our way home to have lunch with the boy, then headed back to Houston. Did I mention that this entire weekend Dad was home alone with Charlie and Teddy? What a trooper!! I guess he ended up having a boys weekend after all 🙂

Weekends with Mom and Kelly always are bittersweet. It makes me question –why the heck do I live in Dallas and not Houston?? I get lost in my thoughts imagining Sunday lunches as a family and random girls nights during the week. Mom and Kelly know me better than anyone- sometimes I swear they can read my mind. I am so thankful for our special relationship and can only hope I am blessed with daughters one day.

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