Imposter Teddy

I had an unfortunate incident at the groomer a few weeks ago. I was bringing Teddy in for a life changing hair cut (ok, life changing for me). We were cutting off all of his precious fluff ball hair to give him some relief in this ridiculous heat wave. While I was a little nervous, and wondering if Teddy could pull off his new “do”, I still felt good when I dropped him off for the day. We love our groomer and they have always taken good care of our pumpkin. So, when I went to pick him up later in the afternoon, I was fully expecting to be a bit shocked when I saw Teddy’s makeover. Right away, I noticed something seemed off with “Teddy”. I noticed this pink patch on his nose, and he was making this yappy noise I had never heard before. Nevertheless, I figured he was probably just excited and a little unlike himself. Then, when we got home, I noticed his tail was really long. But I thought- maybe I just never noticed his tail with all of that hair! When we got inside the house,
“Teddy” was sniffing around and acting really weird. I finally thought, “Ok, true test. Let me throw Teddy’s squeaky toy and make sure nothing is off”. When I threw the toy, fake Teddy just stared at me. I immediately knew this was the wrong dog!! The real Teddy cannot resist a game of fetch. Ever.

Looong story short, there were two Teddy’s at the groomer that day. Both were a white, male, maltese blend. The imposter Teddy was a malti-poo, and our Teddy is a morkie. I brought imposter T back to the vet, and there was the REAL Teddy, still waiting for mommy. Like I said earlier, traumatic. And kind of funny 🙂

p.s. here is a recent picture of Teddy in his new tshirt I bought him. Jay was actually angry that I spent money on this… but I don’t care! Too cute.

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Welcome to the Dog House

In almost ten months of marriage, Jay has actually never had a legit “dog house” moment. Sure, he has done things that have ticked me off. But never anything that was truly worthy of being in the dog house. Until two weeks ago…

It was a typical Wednesday. I got done working around 5, went to Equinox, and got home around 6:30. I tried to call Jay to tell him I was home, and his phone was going straight to voicemail. I didnt think anything of it- and assumed he would be home soon. Around 7:30, I still had not heard from Jay. I sent him an email, assuming he was still at work, and that I would hear back from him shortly. By 8:30 (and still no word from Jay), I started getting a little nervous. If Jay was at work, he would have sent me an email. If he had gone out to dinner or for a happy hour, he would have found a way to call me. Where could he be? I called Jay’s family to see if maybe they had heard from him earlier in the day and knew where he was. No such luck. By 9:30, I was in full freak out mode. I called all of Jay’s friends (and I mean ALL of them). No one had heard anything. I tracked down Jay’s coworker (and went through embarrassing lengths to get his number), and after playing detective for about an hour, we realized Jay’s last known whereabout was around 5:30. By 10:30, I was driving around downtown looking for Jay’s car. I seriously thought he was abducted or on the side of the road somewhere. By this time, all of Jay’s family knew– and were equally freaked. Lincoln (our good friend who is a police officer), was calling hospitals and jails. Close to 11pm, I finally got a hold of another coworker of Jay’s who informed me he was just with Jay and just left a bar. He said Jay was on his way home and should be there shortly. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

When I got home, Jay’s car was in the parking lot. I walked in our front door, and much to my horror- Jay started laughing! It was a nervous laughter- the kind you get when you KNOW it’s about to go down. I immediately sunk to the floor, weeping, because I thought my husband was seriously hurt. I was so mad/glad he was ok… it was a very confusing mix of emotions! His excuse- his phone died, and he doesn’t have my phone number memorized. Lame.

After excessive apologizing, and a beautiful flower arrangement, Jay was finally out of the dog house. I also wrote down my number and put it in his wallet for all future occasions. I contemplated tattooing it to his forehead… but realized that may be a bit excessive. I realize that everyone makes mistakes. But this is not like the time Jay burned my pumpkin bread. This was a whole new level. After a few weeks of reflection, here are my “lessons learned”:

1) We have AMAZING friends and family. We are truly blessed.

2) We were not at all prepared for an emergency situation. I didn’t know Jay’s license plate number, his social, or even where his new office is located. This was a wake-up call that was important!

3) I really love Jay. Obviously, I knew this already. But I don’t think you really realize how much you love someone until the threat of something happening to that person presents itself. Just the thought of something happening to him literally brought me to my knees. He is my other half— and while we definitely bicker and can get on each other’s nerves… he is crucial to my existance 🙂


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The Nanny Diaries

I have recently started my new summer gig as a nanny. While I am still looking for a teaching job, I wanted to make sure I was contributing financially, and nannying was the perfect solution. The hours are great, the money is fantastic, and no day is ever the same! It is really weird adjusting to such a free schedule of swimming, movies and reading during the summer. Especially after almost three years of cubicle life- it’s weird not talking to many “grown ups” during the day… We will be at a movie at 2 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, and somehow the theater will be packed. I still look around and think “Who are all of these people?? And why aren’t they at work??” I guess I am one of those people now (except I am working!) Here is what my typical day looks like this week:

8:30am- pick up kids, drop off at VBS

9:15am- arrive at Equinox for work out (I have told myself I no longer have any excuses not to hit the gym every day- and let me tell you, going in the morning is amazing!)

10:30am- come home, play with Teddy

Noon- pick up kids from church, head home to make lunch

Afternoon- read books, go to the pool, hit the mall or a movie, and hang out!

4:30- head home for the day

I could get use to this schedule 🙂 Aside from my nannying duties, this summer is off to a fabulous start (minus this insane heat wave of course). Mom, Dad and Brett came up to the Big D over Memorial Day, and we had a blast. It was so fun showing them around some of our favorite Dallas hot spots- White Rock Lake, Half Price Books, Yumilicious, Twisted Root and Grimaldis. Even though with five adults it was a little cramped in the town house- we still had a blast. Here are a few pictures from the trip:

I just realized that Teddy is the star of each picture— obsessed much?? Yes, yes we are.

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Fashion 101: by Jay Gerber

I have tackled the subject of Jay and his ideas about fashion a few times this year. Why?? Because it is a never ending source of entertainment for me. There is always a story to share! Before I divulge further inkto this conversation, I want to make something very clear. Jay’s fashion sense (or lack there of), is something I totally embrace. I always knew I would marry a man like my dad, and “style” is one of many shared traits between Paul Davis and Jay Gerber. Ok, so this all started last weekend when we were on our way over to Keller for a very long awaited “triple date” with the Gerbers, Coddous and Langfords. While getting dressed, Jay decided to wear white linen shorts, a black collored shirt, a navy ball cap and grey tennis shoes. It was a hot mess and looked that way! Here is the conversation that proceeded:

Kim: Babe, maybe you should lose the hat and change your shoes. Tennis shoes don’t go with what you are wearing.

Jay: What do you mean they don’t “go”?

Kim: It looks weird.

Jay: Well I think I am starting a new trend and you can’t recognize that.

Sheesh. Wear what you want- so not worth it!

Then, tonight we were sitting at dinner during our weekly date night. I was telling him about this dream I had last night- I had a baby but couldn’t remember his name- and all of a sudden Jay asked,  “Do you own any maternity clothes?” WHAT?! First of all, I was offended. Does he think I look pregnant? Have I gained weight? Then he explains that he has noticed the latest “fad” is for girls to wear maternity clothes even when they are not pregnant, and he wanted to know if I had any.

Translation: flowy/babydoll tops and dresses are in style and might resemble maternity gear to the untrained eye (aka a man). My husband thought that girls were just buying maternity clothes. And wanted to know if I had any.

To cap off this evening full of Jay’s insights, we were walking around Northpark and I noticed Nordstrom was having their big sale. I asked if Jay wanted to look around and he told me he can only walk around a department store once a month, and since we were in Dillards last week (for 2 seconds) he was unavailable. Well- there you go!

Oh Jay. Thank you for such blog-worthy entertainment. Kisses!!

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Three girls, pub crawl 2011, and a rooster

For Mother’s Day 2011, the Davis ladies headed down to the beautiful Texas hill country. We have been talking about taking a girls trip for the past two years. I will take the blame for the delay- weddings have a way of trumping all other plans! We started in Fredericksburg Friday afternoon and ate lunch at the most delightful little restaurant! It was on an herb farm and had delicious food, beautiful views, and amazing company. I bought peppermint soap that has changed my life.

After lunch we headed towards Main street to scope out the shopping scene. Unless you are looking for antiques or bedazzeled clothing, Main street is more of a tourist spot. We did, however, have the most amazing butter pecan ice cream cone. That was the highlight of the afternoon! After walking all afternoon, we decided it was time to head to the brewery. Kelly had the brilliant idea of making our own “pub crawl 2011”. What sounded like a good idea ended with Mom and Kelly recreating “the snake” in the middle of the street. I give you exhibit “A”.

Needless to say we had a great time on Friday night! We visited a tasting room, a quaint wine bar, and the brewery. Saturday morning we woke up and hit Main street again while on the hunt for coffee. On our way down the street, out of nowhere we heard a rooster crow! Turns out, a rooster lived behing a fence on Main street. Random!! After we got our coffee, we were ready to head to our first winery! We stopped at three places total, and bought some really tasty bottles of wine. Our only regret was starting a  little too early in the morning… 11am is a tad early in the day to start drinking!

After the wineries, we headed north to beautiful Horseshoe Bay. We layed by the lake, ordered lunch, and pretty much relaxed until Sunday morning. We stopped through Austin on our way home to have lunch with the boy, then headed back to Houston. Did I mention that this entire weekend Dad was home alone with Charlie and Teddy? What a trooper!! I guess he ended up having a boys weekend after all 🙂

Weekends with Mom and Kelly always are bittersweet. It makes me question –why the heck do I live in Dallas and not Houston?? I get lost in my thoughts imagining Sunday lunches as a family and random girls nights during the week. Mom and Kelly know me better than anyone- sometimes I swear they can read my mind. I am so thankful for our special relationship and can only hope I am blessed with daughters one day.

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“Little B”

This post is dedicated to my most avid reader- who also happens to be my stud muffin little brother. Brett is in the middle of finals, and this is an effort to boost his spirits and provide encouragement-all the way from Dallas! I thought I would take the time to write about this amazing young man, and the joy it has been watching him grow up. Brett, I am so very proud of you!

Brett entered the world on March 21, 1992. It has always been a joke in our family that Brett grew up with three mothers (Mom, Kim and Kelly). While I don’t remember too much from that first year, I do remember changing Brett’s diaper for the first time and getting peed on. He probably did it on purpose 🙂 After seven years of playing dress-up, buying Barbies and more impromtu dance performances than I care to admit, I can only imagine the joy Dad must have felt bringing home a boy.

While the majority of my diary entries during the first five years of Brett’s life were about how spoiled he was and how unfair my life became (and let’s be honest– some of that is true!), our relationship has blossomed over the past few years. There is something about leaving home that really puts everything into perspective. I watched Brett start off as an unsure junior high boy in band, and grow into a confident young man, who was captain of the tennis team and voted “Mr Back Pockets”. Brett finally started talking to girls (sorry Brett…), and has completely transformed during his freshman year at UT. While my heart was broken when he decided to be a Longhorn, I can happily say I have gotten over it. Austin is perfect for Brett, and I have watched his faith grow leaps and bounds over the past year. He is an encourager to his many friends, has the craziest sense of humor (sometimes only Kelly really gets it), and literally makes me bubble over with pride. Good luck on your finals sweet brother- you are amazing!!

Some of you may be wondering about the title of this post, “Little B”. Brett had the unfortunate experience of growing up with TWO older sisters. This means various forms of torture, including nick names that just stuck over the years. Some of my favorites include- “Little B”, “Baby Bertha”, and sometimes just “Boy”.

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A Fresh New Start—and Brad Paisley

Life is unpredictable. There are so many things out of our control, and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and follow your heart. My last day with FKM was Friday, and I have to say I am happy to be moving forward. Saying goodbye to a group of people that have truly impacted my life was really bitter sweet. On one hand, I am so excited for this next chapter in life. On the other hand, I really feel like they watched me grow up. During my time at FKM I started my first “big girl” job, moved four times, got engaged, bought a house, got married, and adopted Teddy. You can imagine how hard it was to part ways with such a supportive and encouraging group of colleagues. On top of this emotional parting, I also had a HUGE decision to make. I was offered a job with an amazing agency here in Dallas, but couldn’t help but feel dread. Back in January, I made the decision to start working towards my teaching certification. It took receiving an offer from another agency to realize that my heart isn’t in advertising anymore. So I am going full-steam ahead with teaching. And let me tell you- it is quite stressful in this current economy. I am placing my faith in God and following my heart!

So what do I do to fill my days now? That is a great question. I have been subbing at a private school I am DYING to get into, finishing projects around the house I have been putting off for six months, and hanging out with my new bestie- Teddy. Yesterday, we went to White Rock Lake for a walk. The weather was unbelievable and I wanted to take advantage of it. The problem with Teddy is that he is still only 5 pounds, and his little legs get tired pretty quickly.  I ended up carrying him for most of his “walk”. It was pretty hilarious.


Then we went to Home Depot. I needed paint samples and was not about to leave him in the car. I later told Jay about this and we decided that me bringing Teddy to Home Depot, is equivalent to Jay wearing his steel toed boots into Neimans. Which to be honest with you- he has done that 🙂 Hey- I knew what I was getting into when I married the guy! Fashion is just not up there on Jay’s priority list. Side story about fashion: I was reading a magazine advice column that I could relate to. A newlywed wife was complaining that her husband only wore tshirts and jeans. She wanted him to care more about what he wore, but didn’t want to be a nag. The magazine suggested she have him pick out a male style icon that he could replicate. I thought this was a great idea, and decided to test the waters with Jay. When I asked him who his male style icon was, he said “Brad Paisley. Maybe I should wear more flannel?” Failed attempt on my part.

Thanks for all of the encouraging thoughts, texts, phone calls and emails. They are so appreciated! What a blessing to have such an incredible support system in my life. Cheers to new beginnings!

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